Monday, June 05, 2006

welcome to unimelb

I have an appointment with my mentor, Raymond, Indonesian student's, to see the APS program coordinator in Unimelb.
This is the first time to come into University of Melbourne.
As my guide, Deece shows me the meeting place and a short guide to campus' area.

The campus is very largeeee, quiet, and neat. There are no PKLs and no motorcycles around it. Don't ask me about the weather... It can make me freeze, about 11 degrees C, and the bad news, now is autumn... Things will get worst in winter. All I have to do is adjusting with the weather.

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~ Bunda ShafaHafiz ~ said...

wah asyikkk dah mulai ada photonya ;-)

jeng, habis potong rambut ya ? kog keliatan lebih cantik ya hihihi, kali krn photonya di oz ;-)

ayo ayo photo2 bagian lain dari unimelb, biar berasa ikutan disana jg hehehe ....