Saturday, June 10, 2006

I will survive

I have been living here since June 3, but still I cant adjust with this new life.
Still I’m feeling so very blue.
I just can’t cry hard enough to feel regret or what…
If only I can turn back times and choose to stay in Depok, I must be feel very happy beside my lovely husband, my daughters, my parents and mother-in-law, all of my families and friends.
I’m miles away from my home sweet home, leaving my warm nest and flying to the place in the middle of somewhere.
I do really miss my everything in Depok.
The negotiable weather,
The very easy access to go everywhere (ojeg in front of your door step :)),
The spicy food,
The nice people…
After 5 years become the train-lovers, I met many people and have been making several relationships with them,
After 6 years become the member of some mailing lists, I feel emotionally bonding with some of those members.

And now, how could I leave it all, for something that I used to dream and now become the reality.
To see something different from my daily life before.
To reach the sky in other parts of this world.
To make my dream comes true.
Wish that I can do my best, wish that everything goes well, and wish that I can survive in every single situation… amen…

1 comment:

~ Bunda ShafaHafiz ~ said...

huhuhu nulisnya malem minggu sih ... pasti feeling blue ya jeng ..

cup cup cup ... jakarta, depok ngga seindah melb kog huahaha ...

sabar, insyaAllah sebulan lg kan dah ada yg nyusul yaaaa ....