Sunday, June 25, 2006

lunch a la oz

I was invited to lunch by my husband’s friend. Her name is Shrie and her husband is Kenneth. Shrie left Indonesia as soon as she married to Kenneth.Their house is in Eltham, North West Melbourne on the way to Hurstbridge.
As I came to Eltham station, Kenneth picked me up and took me to their house, which only 5 minutes from the station. While he is driving, he said that he will show me the kangaroo near their house.
It is a beautiful old house which is surrounded by the forest.
After I met Shrie, Ken asked me wether I want to see the kangaroo at moment. We drove around their forest community, but unfortunately there is not any kangaroo. Ken promised me again to looking for the kangaroo late in the afternoon after lunch.

Ken and Shrie also invited some other friends; Peter, Ray and Robyn.
At 130PM we started our lunch. The appetizer was a bowl of meatball soup.
In the middle of the appetizer, Ken asked me, “Do you a Moslem?”
Nenny : Yes, I do. Why?
Ken: Do you Moslem from the baby, and still think that Moslem will always be your religion?
Peter : Where do you pray in Melbourne?
Nenny: I wish that I always be a Moslem ever after. In the University, there is a building that provides a prayer room, so I can pray there.
Ken : In your belief, what will happen after you die?
Nenny: Gleg! As a Moslem, I do believe that there is live after death, we have to wait until the end of the world and we will live again to be responsible for what we did in our past.
Hwaaa… what a really heavy topic, I even never think about my live after death deeply.

Appetizer was over.
The main course was a plate filled by rice, chicken with coconut sauce, cucumber, tomatoes, and salad.
Ken and other friends talked about their daily life, while I and Shrie talked about ourselves. I and Shrie never met before, but because she is my husband’s friend and I know some of their friends, the conversation run well.

After finished the main course, the next menu was… a cheese baked cake.
And the dessert was orange and apple fruit.
OMG PD, I’m so full.

Ken and Shrie asked us to walk the garden around their house, and we just chit-chat about the plants, the forest, and about how quiet their neighbourhood.
The bush walking took about 1 hour, and as we back to the house, the lunch was continued with a cup of tea and some snacks.
I think that I will get so fat if I eat like this every day.

The time was running, and the day was getting dark.
Ken reminded me that we can search and see a kangaroo this evening, well, so I take the chance and drove around the forest community.
We drove about 5 kilometres from the house; we see nothing but the forest.
So we decided to went home, hopeless that I can’t see that kangaroo.
Ken turned the car to right and we entered Ken’s neighbour house. Suddenly, Ken said that “there is a kangaroo…”
Yeeeaaa… Finally I saw a kangaroo in its real habitat.
Ken suggested me to come out the car and walked to the kangaroo. I saw not only 1 kangaroo, but 4… They were so funny, with long tail and 2 feet, while their hands up. Amazingly, 1 of 4 kangaroo was leaping very fast and gone into the forest.

The night was coming and we came back to the house.
I told to Shrie and other friends that I saw 4 kangaroos. This was a special moment, because it was the first time I saw kangaroos by my own eyes.
It was 6PM but the day so dark, and I think that I have to go home to Melbourne.
Nice to have a lunch with the Oz people, and I think how lucky I was to see the kangaroo in the real habitat.

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