Monday, June 05, 2006

2nd hand shop: savers

Deece ask me to go to a second-hand shop at Savers. So, I am doing shopping at Savers today. They sell many many manyyy nice second hand goods. And the best things is that the shop is in 50% off program only today. So, I can't let this opportunity :)
As usual, this sale session invite many people, and I met some Indonesian students there, who want shop till they broke.

I told to my friends in Unimelb that I went to Savers and buy some sweaters with the very cheap price. And because my story makes them interesting, they decide to go to Savers after meeting in the International Student's Office.

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~ Bunda ShafaHafiz ~ said...

hihihi belum seminggu dah ngeborong ya jeng :-)

inget inget masih 1,5th lg loh hehehe ...