Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Reunion with Yudi

It was a sunny day, the sun was arising in the middle of the day but still the wind made me freeze. I, Roff, and Yudi decided to make a small reunion of APS-6M2. I and Roff are studying in Melbourne University, and Yudi is in Monash University. We gathered in front of the Flinders Street Station, with so many doves which really tame and can be touched.

From the Flinders, we took a city-circle-tram, which is an old tram that takes us around the heart of Melbourne City. We see so many old buildings; all is treated, of course… and also some new buildings such as Telstra Dome and Crown.

But because of the weather outside the tram was so very cold, we better stay in the warm tram and just see the building, and make a promise to meet again in summer.
The tram comes back to the Flinders, rain is coming, and it’s time to lunch…
We ate lunch in Es Teler 77 in front of the State Library of Victoria. It is a building with Roman’s architecture, complete with some statues in the yard.

Then, we took a walk to Melbourne Centre, and I bought a very cute boot with the tiger’s motive. I decide not to use that boot anyway, just for a collection only :)
Well yes… although we walked so far and do something very much, the time still at 4PM.

Where will we go… I asked Yudi and Roff, what about going to St. Kilda beach?
Uhmm… Yudi thought that went to St. Kilda beach was so very far away, but because we have nothing to see more in the city, we finally caught the tram to St. Kilda.
The truly thing is… St. Kilda beach can be reached only 20 minutes from the city, and it was colder than in the city. We just walked along the beach line and take a few pictures, and after all we run to catch the tram again go back to the city. It is about 520PM and the day was getting dark. Yudi and I decided to go home, while Roff decided to go dinner…

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~ Bunda ShafaHafiz ~ said...

wah klo liat photo2nya, jeng nenny kyk blm punya buntut aja nih, masih abg gitu loh hihihi ...

asyikk ya jalan2nya, apalagi pas summer ;-)

btw, liat dong very cute boot-nya ? ;-)