Saturday, June 10, 2006

finally found a flat!

I finally found a flat!!!
hmm, after a week full of desperado because of the accomodation's matter, today I got a flat.
thanks a lot for sam mihelakos' rental agency which show me a good flat with a reasonable price, and make the rental procedure so easy for me. that flat is available on next 12 of July, and I stay in deece's flat until the time will come.
next step is give my flat contract's copy to lucia (ausaid liaison officer) and she will contact the aps office in jakarta so that they will apply for my family's visa.
wish that next month my family will join me :)

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~ Bunda ShafaHafiz ~ said...

Alhamdulillah bgt ya jeng, akhirnya dah dpt apartemen yg diinginkan ... moga2 bln mendatang kel dah bisa nyusul ya ...

ayoo diphoto dong apartemennya ;-)