Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Melbourne Museum

One sweet day is coming…
While I’m joining the Introductory Academic Program (IAP or EAP second edition), there is an activity to whole day out and we explore the Melbourne city. There are 3 places that we are scheduled to visit, that is Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Botanical Garden, and Melbourne Observation Desk.

In the Melbourne Museum, we can see the history of Australia. It contains some prehistoric fossils and the Oz history since 200 years ago (the landed of the white man in Oz). Unfortunately, I think that the collection of this museum is not as complete as in Indonesian museum, because there is a missing link about what happened between the prehistoric ages until 200 years ago.
If I compare with some museums in Indonesia, it must be contained the history of what happen in Indonesia in every historic periodicals; there is some fossils of pithecanthropus erectus, then we can see the relief or statue from the 6th or 7th century including all the utensils that man used to use it as a daily tool, then we also can see the Indonesian history since the Portuguese, Dutch, England, and Japanese colonialism. I think that Indonesian collections are richer than Oz, but the collections are not treated as well as Oz one.

One interesting collection of Melbourne Museum is the bus that was used as the place for boxing competition during the Olympic Games of 1956. And also the mummy from Egypt which it’s live approximately 4000 years ago and its coffin, but it can’t be pictured. There is a story about the Phar Lap, a magical horse along the Oz’s history, which always is the winner in 90% horse competition. The replica of the horse is covered by the real skin of its horse, hmm wonderful.
The rest is just a collection of original animals of Oz, such as kangaroo, some insects and butterflies.

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asyik jln2 ke museum ya, i like it very much ;-)

ayooo explore smp ujung2nya melb jeng, biar berasa ngerasain sendiri kesana ....