Tuesday, July 25, 2006

kangaroos wildlife

in eltham again, and now I have a chance to took a picture of the kangaroos. they live in the group in the grassland. I can't come closer to them, because if I move so they jump away.
the picture say about the australian wildlife; dry and not interesting.
kangaroo is a tame animal, they never attack the human, and the human can build their house near the kangaroo's community without any fears that it will attack.


TomInta family said...

Halo Nenny pakabar nih? masih inget sama Inta kan?
Aku inget email pamitnya di DI skarang udah di Aussie lagi....;)
gimana keluarga udah kumpul?

~ Bunda ShafaHafiz ~ said...

jeng, update dong hehehe ... masih sibuk kangen2an nih ;-)

gimana 2D sehat2 aja kan ya ?

miss u ...