Tuesday, July 04, 2006

25 june: williamstown

sunday schedule: a friend of dice, asked me whether I want to join them to go to williamstown this sunday. the route will use the ferry from south bank, yarra river to gem-pier, williamstown.
well I said yes, why not... hehehe...
so, we (7 people) take a ferry along the yarra river in the middle of winter... hwaaa... it's very cold, but none of us want to go inside the ferry and choose to stay in the deck and watch the melbourne's view through the water.

from the south bank to williamstown takes 50 minutes by ferry. then we make an appoinment with the captain's ship to pick us up around 430am so that we can see the sunset.
williamstown is a very quiet city, actually.

the tourist destination is the railways museum. well, there are plenty of loco's style there, since the 1881 up to now. the layout of the rail is not nice, because it is very close one another, so we can get the whole picture of one loco unless we see from the close distance. if we see from the far, what we see is just like a depo of train :)

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