Monday, July 24, 2006

house warming

the very first night I live in my own flat, there was a friend, Julia, who accompanied me. the flat is unfurnished, and still very very smelly with indian spicy because the previous tenant is an indian students and I think that they cook tandoori everyday.
suddenly I remember to a place near my office in Jakarta, that is Passer Baroe, which there is a lot of indian's shop with their strong smell.

but the good news is... another friend of mine, Mba Wiwiek, she comes from Jakarta with her daughter, Adek. Adek is going to pursue her undergraduate degree in RMIT, and while she is looking for the accomodation, they stay at my flat. Yeah.. so I have another friends in this new flat.

another good news is... Mba Wiwiek cooks a lot of various Indonesian food :)
nasi uduk and nasi kuning, omelet jamur, rendang, rawon, semur, opor ayam, even she cooks the spaghetti... gileeee... what a nice food... I really feel like home, in my mama's kitchen, and enjoy the healthy food.
thank a lot to Mba Wiwiek who cooks the food, makes my flat warm and the most important thing is... elliminate the indian smell.