Saturday, December 22, 2007

a journey to queensland

17 november 2007 we went to brisbane!
hmm, more than a month ago and because of my study time is flying fast that i must write my last 10K words paper, i dont have any opportunities to update this diary.

we had our return plane tickets, our car rented, our hotels booked and of course our plans to enjoy millions fun things on the theme parks.

with a flight flying directly from tullamarine (melbourne international airport) to brisbane at 730 in the afternoon, (delay about 30 minutes), we arrived in brisbane at 830 brisbane time.
it is quite awkward when finally i've known that melbourne is 1 hour faster than brisbane, as brisbane is located more eastern than melbourne, it should faster, shouldn't it?

not only that, 830PM in melbourne in november is always still bright, but not in brisbane... it's all dark already. we even can see a bridge full with light from the sky (later i know that it is known as riverpark bridge). lastly, the weather is hot!!! i can feel that my sweat came out from my skin.

soon as we grabbed our luggages, we went to avis car rental to pick up a car that we booked before. then, off we went to our motel in the brisbane city. the motel is brisbane manor motel, which is recommended by 'lonely planet' book as a great place to escape and rilex for the travellers. with a room with queen size mattress, it made us quite uncomfortable to sleep. but since, all budget motels were fully booked during the weekend, we didn't have enough choices. luckily, we stayed there for only 1 night.
for the next 2 days, we stayed in another hotel in the suburb that much much bigger and better than the first one.

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